The Best Travel Gadgets for 2017

  Every traveler before starting a trip must work out what to pack and what to leave behind, whether is a one day trip or a year. Personally tech gear is a problem to me: models and features keep changing,it's fragile and cost a lot and thieves love it. The major issue is that most… Continue reading The Best Travel Gadgets for 2017


11 Travel Tips Italians Want You To Know

Over 46 million tourists visit the boot-shaped peninsula each year! They come from all over the world, and many return again and again for a magic that only Italy can deliver. As Samuel Johnson said, “A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what… Continue reading 11 Travel Tips Italians Want You To Know

The best time of the day to post on Instagram

To me Instagram is one of the coolest yet most frustrating social network ever.It can be really hard to figure it out,but once you get it,you can do actually well when it comes to followers and engagement!     One of the things i've noticed since i started my Instagram account is that my typical… Continue reading The best time of the day to post on Instagram

Charter Flight or Scheduled Flight?

What is a scheduled flight? Scheduled flights are flights that connect regularly airports from all over the world.They permit us to reach all destinations,sometimes with a direct flight,sometimes with one or more intermediate stop. Scheduled flights tend to be punctual and regular to let connections and service more efficient. The ticket's price of a scheduled… Continue reading Charter Flight or Scheduled Flight?