The best time of the day to post on Instagram


To me Instagram is one of the coolest yet most frustrating social network ever.It can be really hard to figure it out,but once you get it,you can do actually well when it comes to followers and engagement!

This image is off topic but i liked it!



One of the things i’ve noticed since i started my Instagram account is that my typical posting time( 10am and 8pm/Italy) it’s not helping me!.When i post at 10am in the morning it’s 4am in New York,meaning most of my US followers are asleep and problably won’t even see my post at all as it’ll be far buried by the time they wake up.If i post at 8pm it’s 2pm back in the east coast of the US and most people are in the middle of their work day and that’s no good for my IG exposure.


If you’re looking to grow your Instagram you surely don’t want your carefully edited photos to be hidden under a mountain of other Instagram posts.That’s just wasting your time!




Of course this depends on who your target audience is,i made the example of the US,but you could be interested in Australian or Russian followers.So you should have the best results by posting in the peak times,for example,of the US.You will get more interaction in comments,follows and likes from your targeted audience.



The best times to post tend to be at 7am, 5pm.Why?During these times people aren’t working.They’re most likely waking up and getting off work or school.Try to think about it,that’s when YOU scroll through your Instagram feed right?

If increasing your Instagram reach and interactions are important to you, definitely give this a try and let me know if it works for you?



Surely i’m no Instagram expert, I’m always learning new things on how to get the most out of my account, and hopefully the things I’ve learned can help you too!


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