Great Japan Trip 2018 : The plan


Me and my girlfriend,Simona,are planning a cool Japan trip for the next spring(2018) and i want to share with you our plan!

We want to start from Tokyo and then slowly head to Osaka,in one piece possibly.The trip should take roughly 2 weeks.

The General Plan

We’re planning to head out at very beginning of May when the cherry blossom season (Hanami) is still kicking in but the prices aren’t that high.


We’d like to see both the major sites of interest and those less famous.

Here it is the rough route outline :


Beginning in Tokyo,that is a city full of things to see!A cruise in the bay is in order and going to the top of the Tokyo Tower(you can go up to 250 mt but the tower is 330 mt high)is a must.We want to see the famous Tsukiji fish market in central Tokyo and make a one day trip to Mount Fuji.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower.

After visiting Tokyo we will head to Takayama to see the beautiful old town and if we are lucky the Takayama Festival,one of the most important festival of Japan.

Takayama Festival.

From there it will be the turn of Kanazawa.The main attraction will be Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s three best landscape gardens and by many considered the most beautiful of them all.

Kenrokuen gardens.


Then it’s Kyoto,old capital of the country.Countless temples,shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today.

Kiyomizudera.The most famous temple of Kyoto.

 Between Kyoto and Hiroshima we absolutely want to visit Nara Park!It’s the home to hundreds of freely roaming deer.They are surprisingly tame and you can feed them with special crackers sold in the park!

Nara Park and it’s deer.

Going to Hiroshima is a must.The Peace Park and the Hiroshima Castle awaits us.

Hiroshima Castle.

The final destination is Osaka,the second largest city of Japan,from where we will depart to Milan and back home.

The preparations

Clearly with such a trip some preparations must be made:

-We must buy a Japan Rail Pass that last for two weeks.A bit expensive but fundamental for our movements.

-A health insurance

-Some general medicines

-Last but non least my GoPro!

What do i expect?

I expect to find a completely different culture from mine(i’m italian)in all aspects of daily life.That means everything will be strange for us!People behavior,foods etc.I can’t wait to eat new different foods like ramen and the true sushi!


Feel free to share your stories and tips if you already been to Japan or if you want simply ask anything!




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