Charter Flight or Scheduled Flight?

What is a scheduled flight?


Scheduled flights are flights that connect regularly airports from all over the world.They permit us to reach all destinations,sometimes with a direct flight,sometimes with one or more intermediate stop.

Scheduled flights tend to be punctual and regular to let connections and service more efficient.

The ticket’s price of a scheduled flight change according to the booking class.Each class has a price and rules.As the ticket’s restrictions grows(non refundable for example)lesser is the cost.Business class which is the best class you can book on a scheduled flight cost more.

Which are the advantages of a scheduled flight?

Connections with most of the airports(some airports can be reached only with scheduled flights),flights frequency and you can choose the departure time with more precision.

Which are the disadvantages?

If you can’t book the ticket for your flight with a good advance you could have to pay a high price.

What about charter flights?


The first thing to say is that there is no difference in terms of security between a charter flight and a scheduled one.

Think at the buses that connect regularly your city with other cities,they depart every day at the same hour,full or empty just like scheduled flights.Now think at a bus that has been rented for a one day trip,for that day and for that destination.That’s a charter flight.

In fact they are rented flights from tour operator to bring on vacation their customers.You can buy only the flight ticket on a charter but usually it’s flight+hotel etc..

Charter flights depart on the same prefixed(prefixed from the tour operators)day of the week,usually they don’t do intermediate stops,they leave passengers who are starting their holiday and bring home the ones who finished their vacation.

In fact they have a weekly rotation.

The principal advantage is the saving on the cost of the ticket.Another advantage is that tour operator usually use as company from their home country(like if a book a holiday with an italian tour operator it’s most likely that i will board an italian flight),so the crew will speak your language.A charter flight usually do lesser intermediate stops and that reduce the risk of losing your luggage.

Which are the disadvantages?

You can’t choose the departing day,if the departure for Cancùn is on sunday you will have to depart on sunday and usually the vacation can last 7 or 14 days not 10 or 12.

Sometimes the departure time can change for various reasons.

Charter flights has made possible the creation of low cost packets for your vacation but they don’t reach every destionation.

Recently airlines companies have lowered their prices and the world is big so think about it!!

My personal opinion:

Having taken a charter flight from Italy to Mexico (12 hours flight)i swore that i would never ever take a charter flight again!Simply the lower price does not cover for the lack of comfort.I’m not speaking of the food quality or the crew which were ok,simply there is not enough space between  each line of seats!

Let me know what do you think!


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